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How wise is in terms of salary for a CPhT changing major to become a RN?


Full Member
Oct 13, 2019
  1. Pre-Pharmacy
I'm a certified pharmacy technician at CVS. I have read that at any pharmacy, whether CVS or Walgreens, even as a pharmacy intern after starting pharmacy school, there would not be as much raise in earning as a RN makes with a associate degree in science. How true is that? Also I am 35 now and had a back surgery herniated disk around 7 years ago. I jave heard RN salary starts at 20 bucks.


Full Member
Moderator Emeritus
15+ Year Member
Feb 21, 2002
  1. Pharmacist
  2. Academic Administration

You're not going to have a long career as an RN with back problems and might not even make it through the training (you have to be able to lift 51 lbs consistently and some have a 100 lb requirement). Pharmacy as is stated elsewhere a hard place to get a job right now. If an RN gets paid $20, that's a pretty underpaid nurse.
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