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Jun 20, 2008
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A great holiday gift for those who like to stay organized or just a great gift for yourself.

Its only been used for a few months and even then it was rarely taken out of its protective casing. It is in perfect condition with no scratches or dings. It will come reset so that all of my personal information is gone.

It comes with everything that was in the box originally, including the orginal boxing it came in:

-PDA (1)
-Stylus (1)
-Factory Carrying/Protection Case (1)
-Charger Adapter (1)
-USB Cable (1)
-Installation Disk (1)
-Instruction Booklets (2)

You must buy a SD card, it did not come with one when I bought it; however, it does have some internal memory.

For those of you who want some more information it has Windows Mobile 6 Classic OS, Microsoft Office Mobile (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Microsoft Office Outlook Mobile; you can even view PDF documents on it.
It also has a calender, can synchronize e-mail, wifi connection, bluetooth, and more.

You can contact me at my e-mail address if you have any questions or want to see more pictures: [email protected]

I would like to sell it for $215.


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Jun 20, 2008
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Just thought I would come back and say that I have not sold the PDA yet for anyone who wants it.
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