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HPSP and residency

Discussion in 'Medical Students - DO' started by haujun, Mar 30, 2002.

  1. haujun

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    Jan 21, 2002
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    Attending Physician
    I applied for Health Professionals Scholarship Program. Are there others out there who received this scholarship? How does this residency stuff work after graduation? Am I required to select residency at U.S. Army Hospital? How competitive are these military residency programs?
  2. algae

    algae Senior Member
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    May 12, 2001
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    Hi Jong - I recieved an Army HPSP. I'll just be a M1, but I've spoken with lots of people including residents about how it all works. Basically, each branch of the service has a match that works mutch like th civilian match. You pick 5 residency programs and if you don't match at any of those 5, you can defer to the civilian match. I was told that if you pick a specialty like radiology where there are less than 5 programs, then you must still pick 5 programs total so there is the chance you might match to a specialty that isn't your first choice. However, there was another thread somewhere saying that this isn't the case anymore. If you live close to a military medical center, you should go visit and talk to people. I did this and it really reassured me about going with the HPSP. Good luck!
  3. For more info on NHCS (National Health Corps Scholarship)http://bhpr.hrsa.gov/nhsc//get_involved/scholarships.html

    Scholars attending medical school are expected to complete residency programs in one of the following specialties:
    ? Family medicine
    ? General pediatrics
    ? General internal medicine
    ? Obstetrics/gynecology
    ? Psychiatry
    ? Rotating internship (D.O. s only) with a request to complete one of the above specialties
  4. HPSP

    HPSP Member
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    Sep 27, 2001
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    Dont be afraid to ask your recruiter these questions, he/she gets paid good money to answer. If those answers arent adequate (they better be or just let me know LOL) have your recruiter put you in touch with Col Mascette or Col Raines. They are the big wigs in the Army HPSP program and
    make tours to all the med schools with Army HPSPers enrolled so that they can aswer any questions they have.
    SSG Gray
    Health Care Recruiter

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