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Nov 17, 2008
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I am potentially interested in the Army HPSP for Pharmacy school. I'm looking for all the information I can gather about the program and what the day to day life of an Army Pharmacist consists of.

I know......

"...Qualifying students receive full tuition at any accredited medical, dental, veterinary, psychology or optometry program, plus a generous monthly stipend of more than $1,900."

(does that include pharmacy school?)

"...Your active duty service obligation to the U.S. Army is one year of service for every year you receive the scholarship. Your minimum obligation depends on your health care field."

"... For 10 1/2 months of the year, being an officer won’t require any of your time. But for six weeks each year, being an Army officer will be an important part of your professional education."

Ideally, I would like to receive a 2 year HPSP scholarship and serve Active Duty for 2 years after Pharmacy school.

Is that a real possibility?

I am a bit confused. The military training involved seems quite minimal--6 weeks a year, the OLBC-thing, and then I immediately ascend to rank of Captain after graduation? I see the many financial benefits of the program, but I don't see the full details of the duty requirement.

I know I would work in an Army Health Clinic, but would be my specific responsibilities as a Captain/Pharmacist be?


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Feb 18, 2008
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I've been doing some research into military pharmacy. The HPSP scholarship requires a minimum of 3 years, so if you took a 2 year scholarship then you still have to serve 3 years. From my understanding, the army, air force, and navy only offers 1 year or 2 year HPSP scholarships for pharmacy students (they save the 3-4 year scholarships for the physicians). If you are selected, then you get the stipend and tuition only for how long your scholarship lasts (again, for 1 or 2 years only).

After graduation, your responsibility is to be a pharmacist while in the service, with a rank of O-3 (Capt for army and air force, Lt. for navy).

I suggest doing a search in the "Pre-Pharmacy" forum, there are a few threads about military pharmacy and HPSP.
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