Aug 1, 2019
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Hey everybody, I am a D1 on the HPSP scholarship. Long story short, I am contemplating trying to switch to medical school. If I was not on the HPSP, it would be a straight forward process of dropping out and sending in medical school apps. I don't think this is possible due to my service contract though. Because of this, I am looking into the possibility/feasibility of transferring my dental HPSP scholarship to a medical HPSP scholarship if I were to gain acceptance to medical school. Plus, I am excited to serve in the military and would like to keep this in my future.

Has anyone heard of this or something similar happening? My service contract addresses transferring between schools and "changing majors" but I'm not sure if this would apply to changing professional programs. I am planning on speaking to my program manager about this but wanted to see what the general consensus on here was first as I'm concerned (maybe irrationally) that asking may put a black mark on my record.

I realize I should have thought of this before commissioning and starting dental school, but I am an example of sunken cost fallacy. I understand this is a long shot but I greatly appreciate any insight or advice you may have.


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Jan 12, 2017
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I wish you the best of luck. I would be super careful. You were chosen for a competitive scholarship. If you can't end up switching scholarships, that may burn you if you try to go for HPSP again. This is a drastic change I'm curious what has swayed you.


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Jan 6, 2017
I was on the 4-year Air Force Dental HPSP and left dental school to switch to medical school. Just contact the program manager or a recruiter to get more info. I know each branch is a little different.

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