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Feb 23, 2017
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If I have already received II's this cycle and listed Human Systems Physiology as a course I will take senior year, would it be frowned upon to take that P/F? Or should I actually take it for a grade? It is renowned for being one of the more difficult Biology courses at my university and furthermore, it is not a pre-requisite for my degree plan (rather an elective). Thanks!


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Nov 1, 2007
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It's hard to say.

I made a second semester anatomy class P/F after I already had an acceptance and it was the hardest grade I ever earned - zero motivation to actually study or pay attention during the 6 hours of lab a week (but I got really good at crosswords during that lab). At my school, you had to get the equivalent of a C for a passing grade. Had I just taken it for a grade, I could have gotten a D and still got credit for it.

But you aren't accepted yet and still need to worry about your GPA and other optics. Given the difficulty, P/F makes sense. But if you don't get accepted right away, it would be nice to be able to point to the high grade as a demonstration that you can handle difficult course work.


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Dec 30, 2015
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Just take the class. Don't slack off. Why did you take this class?
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