humanitarian PODIATRY?

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Mar 2, 2007
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    Hey all,

    I recently decided I am going to pursue podiatry as a career and wanted to ask if those who are in pod school to know if they know if any humanitarian agencies take pods (as in peacecore, Drs without borders etc) or if there are any separate programs on which you could do mission trips etc? basically what organizations will take pods for humanitarian aid? and do u know of any pods who have done this? and if so, how was their experience. OK, now i'm done! :)

    thanks in advance!


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    Feb 28, 2006
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      I can't comment on specific organizations that take Podiatrists, but the Pod I shadowed before matriculating did a lot of mission work on his own via local medical corporations donating supplies and other ancillary staff and physicians (nurses, techs, anesthiologists, orthopods, pods, etc) volunteering thier time and money. He went and is going back to Vietnam in a few weeks and Central and South America, he's got some amazing things and have really helped a lot of people. Also note, that if you go independently to these 3rd world nations and you are the only surgeon, you may be asked to do more than what your training dictates in the USA (Podiatrist doing general surgery, etc.)
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