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Clearly, I have evolved into the problem I never wanted to become. I have broken the peace and sanctuary of this environment, and owe everyone an apology.

Tweetie: You are an incredible moderator, and the comment at the end of the locked thread hits the nail on the head. I am sorry for being half of a problem that made you waste precious minutes of your life. I will swallow my oversized pride in the future, because what I did was wrong.

Limit: Thank you so very much for a level-headed and honest reply. You said things I didn't know how to formulate, because I was so caught up in being slandered. After you get your 40+, I seriously hope medical schools line up to recruit you. If they are smart, they will.

Mr. Z: Thank you too for weighing in. Your candor and neutrality were highly appreciated. I too wish a 40+ on you. Based on your replies in here, you are destined to get one. I have the utmost respect for you.

Everyone: I will refrain from mentioning any company to the best of my ability. If you actually read through my threads, you will find negative and positive comments about everything. That is because every company has good and bad features. I feel Mr. Orsay chose to focus on one negative comment and made it personal. He failed to acknowledge that I made many positive comments. He went on the very valid notion that people would not read the original comment for themselves, but instead take his opinion as word. It was a smart move, because with so many people recognizing his name from their books, of course they will take his word at face value. I simply ask that anyone who reads and forms an opinion of me do it by reading my posts and not someone's comments about me. If you conclude I'm a charlatan, then that is your right.

But please ask yourself what you would do if someone focussed so much energy on attacking your character. He insulted my education, so I felt I had the right to question his credentials. This was not necessary on my part. A better person would have let it go. I apologize to you for not just letting it go. Mr. Orsay is a good man, I have absolutely no doubt. I in no way have aimed to damage his character, only to defend mine. He claims I work for a company, but repeatedly I have stated my exact affiliation. He is wrong about my intentions, and if you read with neutral glasses, I am sure you will see this. I privately tutor for the MCAT, and have found what I believe to be a great cocktail of reference materials for some of my tutees who cannot afford a course. I have a strong opinion that all courses charge too much money. I also believe that a course doesn't do as much for a student as they do for themselves. I think that courses in many instances damage a student's confidence and/or give them a false sense of security about what the MCAT is. In the end, it really doesn't matter, because the students who do well are the ones who go in with a positive attitude, an organized knowledge base, the ability to logically evaluate a passage, and familiarity with the exam. Every course can provide these things if students take their messages, evaluate their merit, and think for themselves.

To study for the MCAT with one set of materials seems crazy to me. The more diversity you use when studying, the more exposure you'll have to different styles. The only absolute truth is that you need to do AAMC materials, because they are replicas of the real thing. No one can get closer than the actual test writers.

Mr Orsay: I am sorry to have let it get personal. In your attack on me, I let it get to me, and figured the best way to defend myself was to ask you the things you asked me. I apologize, because the enslaught of names you called me and the misquotes you stated began to bother me. I am not sure what I did to earn your wrath besides correct one small mistake in your exam. There are other, certainly worse, attacks on the entity that supports your life. But clearly I have upset you, and this was not my initial intention. I must admit that everytime you made a slanderous remark, false accusation, or misquoted what I said, I became a bit upset, but I should have never let the ire get the better of me.

I believe you are a passionate man. I respect this greatly, as I have told you before. I apologize for the comments I made, because some were altered to perturb you. I would ask that you recognize that you did the same thing from the getgo. For instance, I never said Feynman's book was great for the MCAT. But you said I said it. This pattern continued, so I opted to do it. Yes, I knew it was upsetting you, and this forum was not the place for it. We should have gone to PMs as Tweetie stated. Please let this end or take it to PMs in the future. I am very honorable about not posting PMs, as this situation hopefully points out. I could very easily post it and show that you omitted more than names, but breaking a code of honor is not worth defending myself in a forum of people I will never meet.

If you have a dying need to sue me, you are more than welcome to anything in my apartment, including my boom box and 14-inch TV. My sofa is a bit old and the furniture is not so nice, but if you want that, feel free to take that. The point is, I live a simple life and have a deep love for the people I tutor. This summer, I tutored mostly for free. It's not about money for me... it's about some of the greatest, most giving people I have ever met in my life. You asked about my job... I do not have a full-time job. I survive on a series of part-time jobs, none with a prep comapny at the moment. One day, I will sit down and get a solid 9-5 gig, but for now, I love what I do. You obviously enjoy what you do. I'm sure there is a great satisfaction in writing materials. If I had my name on a book, I am sure I'd be as defensive, if not more. But please realize my perspective. Large guy or small guy in this industry, all of you have priced out some people who would make great doctors.

Please accept my apology Mr. Orsay.
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Jun 11, 2002
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Based on the above Passage, one can infer that Mudd was most likely feeling

A) Melancholy
B) Vengeful
C) Remorseful
D) Pedantic

Yo Mudd, Just keep it real, and don't front and you should be a'ight.


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Nov 20, 2001
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All's cool, Mudd.

Thanks for the nice compliment. :) You're a good guy and I'll tell you there are no hard feelings. :)

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