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I can't Believe this...Please help...need advice!


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Oct 22, 2006
  1. Pre-Medical
    Hi All,

    So I just took the GRE's and tanked...didn't break 1000. I can't believe this. I think it was nerves and I probably should have studied more. I could not afford the Kaplan course so I purchased a book in the fall( 4 months ago) and have been working from there.

    I waited too long to take the test and all my applications are complete minus my test scores. I basically have to re-take the test but I am worried now with all the dead lines coming up soon for the schools I applied too.

    Would it be helpful to send a later updating them on my situation and to let them know that I will be taking the exam again? Does it even matter? I'm so confused on what to do.:scared:

    I have good REC'S, work experience, international volunteer experience and a a decent gpa. What is the likelihood of acceptances with a low GRE score?


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    Nov 22, 2008
    1. Other Health Professions Student
      Where are you applying? Depending on the deadlines, you could still retake this and pass 1000- there have been a couple other posts about this I'd recommend looking at. Deadlines are so spread out- for ex at some GWU programs the deadline isn't until April so there is definitely time to study and retake this. Sounds like everything else in your app is solid so I'm really sorry to hear this happened! (and am personally of the belief that the GRE measures your test taking skills more than any actual knowledge.) If you don't have time to retake it for certain schools I wonder if it would merit including a note with your app? SOPHAS allows room for this but I'm never sure if it's better to explain things or just leave them be. May also want to call schools you're applying to and ask how much weight they put on the GRE.

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      Aug 13, 2006
      1. Medical Student
        I have good REC'S, work experience, international volunteer experience and a a decent gpa. What is the likelihood of acceptances with a low GRE score?

        I would try to go ahead and apply. You sound like a great canidadate. GRE is just a test. I think your other qualifications will make you shine, especially if you also have a high GPA.
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        Dec 25, 2008
          u can take it every month so i'd go ahead and bite the bullet and take it at the top of january if u can. get on the grind for the next two weeks and go for it. rather pay the $140 than live with regret if it comes down to "damn, i should've..."


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          Dec 20, 2008
          1. Pre-Health (Field Undecided)
            I would definitely retake the test. While some schools might be able to look past a low GRE, I know a lot of admissions committees won't even glance at the rest of your application if your test scores are really low. Most programs recommend scores that are at least 1000. While it is 'just a test', it is the only standardized way they have to quantitatively compare you to the rest of the applicants.


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            Jan 20, 2006
            1. Post Doc
              I feel your pain. I tanked the GRE the first time I took it and was in a similar situation with regard to timing and qualifications. It sucked because I got a few immediate rejections from a few schools including my top pick before I was able to retake it.

              The really good news is that I raised my score hugely (over 90% percentile for each section) when I took it six weeks later in January. After updating my scores I got into every program that I hadn't yet heard from and even got a scholarship. I did study my ass off before I retook it though. Just know that you can change your score a lot if you are willing to put in the time and that its just a BS test / hoop you have to jump through.

              When applying to change schools for my PhD I found that most programs just considered the first score a 'bad day' score and used the much better score in assessing my application, so it didn't hurt me in that way and I did get into my top pick for my PhD (UW) in epidemiology.

              Study hard and fast, really get to know the ins and outs of those questions and retake it when you are ready. Good luck!
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