I cant find a good MCAT reviewhave coennt, I could care less about review course

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Jul 10, 2019
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Hi everyone,

This is my first time on SDN. I recently started MCAT preparation and was set on Next Step after reading many positive reviews about it. However, after purchasing the 1600 dollar package I noticed that the content is utterly missing. Before purchasing this I asked the customer service people if this would essentially teach me the material agian because I dont remember much of it. I am looking for a MCAT review module that will provide learning content. I dont have any interest in practice exams until I can review the materiel first but the Next Step module seems to be almost all exams and very little learning content. There is a content video section but this seems anemic in its content because there is about 5 hours of Psych content, this makes does not make much sense because the entire subject of psychology cannot be covered in five hours. They also sent me some ebooks, which seemed very supportive and under effort because anyone could look up a book or purchase this, I was paying for course videos or slides. Here is my question..

I dont want to read from a test book, this simply hasnt been how I learned throughout my education, I learn best from slides, not endless passages, as do the majority of people. I graduated with honors form my school and took plenty of biochemistry, physiology and other science courses, virtually all were taught with course slides and rarely if ever was there a book given since the school is aware that the majority of people learn more efficiency by seeing images with diagrams rather than reading long pages of over descriptive wording. I am looking for a MCAT review module that has this. I need something with actual slides, and where the company wont simply throw a book at me for 1600 dollars and say good luck. I appreciate the feedback.

Additionally, I should mention that I also called Next Step customer service and asked them these questions, the lady who I spoke to seemed to have little to no understanding about the product that she was there to support customers on, so since they themselves dont seem to know how to advise customers I'm relying on some feedback from fellow students. Thanks alot guys and girls.


I mean, since you already dropped more than you should have I would say use them. However, the 'anemic' content is about right. There really is not much material you need to know for the MCAT compared to what you would take in a class. You need to know critical thinking and test taking not in depth material. And the ****ty thing about companies like Kaplan and Next Step is that their content review teaches memorization as opposed to comprehension. Since you already purchased it, use it. However, honestly the best resources for content are going to be Khan academy and Wikipedia....which are both free.....

If you want video directed slides, I liked Draw it to know it for B/B review (Also about half of it is C/P relevant as well, and some of it is relevant for P/S). Self taught all of cell, biochem, micro, A and P, immuno, neurology and got 131 in both C/P and B/B....I already had a strong science background, however I think this helped me the most TBH.

Best practice questions are Khan academy and AAMC material, at least from my experience.
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Mar 30, 2017
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Not all books are long pages of overdescriptive wording. Some of them even have images with diagrams! I bought both Kaplan & Examcrackers, but ended up using the latter because it was a lot more engaging & did a better job of presenting the main ideas. I felt Kaplan had too much detail for me to learn in my 5 week dedicated prep.

I supplemented a lot with Khan Academy, which may better suit your preference for seeing things drawn out & explained.


An Ideal MCAT prep plan would be:

Books: Kaplan + (free TBR for c/p if you can get it from a friend)
Questions: Khan passages + AAMC QP/SB + Uworld
Full Lengths: Next Step + AAMC + (3 free TPR). Kaplan also has some free exams but they suck.

If you don't want to read from textbooks you can go through every single Khan Academy MCAT video for content. Put it on 2x speed and you should be done in about 6 months.

At least you dropped money on a prep company that has some of the best full length exams.