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    Hello all. I somehow managed to find this wonderfully informative site back in september, and have been reading posts thoroughly since. It took me a while to actually sing up and start posting cuz I usually go on this site at work....when Im supposed to be doing work. During that time, a number of my concerns have been brought up, however, there are still a few questions Id like either straightened out or get advice on.

    About me-24 Male, recent graduate of a BS in Management. I had a low GPA, it was in mid 2's, I guess you could say I didn't get motivated to do well up until my last 3 semesters, and by then, it was too late for a drastic change to occur. I'm considering the medicial field, as it was my first choice out of High School, but I dropped it for...a lot of stupid reasons, and went the business route instead. I don't regret it, I kind of enjoyed studying management, although I can't see myself in the typical "manager" position, I chose it because its an open-ended type degree, where you can pursue a lot of various types of careers with this as a basis.

    However, at this point, Im confused. I can't say I have passion for medicine, I find it appealing in a sense that it will be a challenge Id love to successfully complete, and its something Ive wanted to do since I can remember, no, not as a little boy, but yes, for quite a long time. Why I would choose to be a dr. is I'd like to partake in helping people improve or better themselves, either physically, mentally, even a little bit of both. Ive been doing what I consider to be a significant amount of research over the past few months for someone like me and the options they have now that they have decided they want to pursue medicine, and am well aware of the many years it will take before Im out of residency, and working in my own practice, or in a hospital. I also want to take advantage of my business degree, and was thinking of doing a post-bac parttime-work mornings, and take classes at night like many of you are doing. That way, I can kill 2 birds-use my BS degree, and work towards my postbac.

    Amongst the many questions I had, some I wanted to get answers from as many of that wanted to answer was:

    Why are you choosing this field now, as compared to before?

    What was your key motivator in helping you decide that this was your calling?

    What are you planning to do differently now that you might not have done (or done as well) in your undergrad years to make your postbac a more beneficial and academically prosperous experience?

    How many of you are working (PT or FT) while doing postbacs? Is your job related to the medical field?

    The pros/cons of a traditional post bac program vs. taking science classes at your local college or university. (I know there was a thread detailing this question, but I cant seem to find it).

    Id appreciate your responses, also, pleae feel free to comment/advise on my situation if theres something you think might help me to make the right decisions.

    Thanks a bunch.

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