Medical I forgot to disclose an unfinished master program on ERAS, am i screwed?

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Apr 25, 2008
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I am a 4th year medical student applying to residency at the moment. I have finished all of my interviews for the season and am just waiting for match day. Right after college, I enrolled in an SMP program but never actually finished it. Took a few years off, re-enrolled in another SMP program and matriculated into the same medical school. On my ERAS, I forgot to include SMP#1 on my application (I really didn't think a master program where I didn't finish would matter).

I really did not intend to lie as I know the consequences of lying is pretty dire. It was a simple oversight. Am I in the position to be terminated from residency if my future program finds out about this? Thank you very much for all your help!

OK. Take a step back here and take a deep breath.

If this was your medical school application, where AMCAS clearly says that you must include the details of every single institution of higher learning you've ever attended, and you happened to leave one off? Yeah. You would be screwed, and this would be picked up as soon as they searched the appropriate clearinghouse. But this isn't. This is your residency application.

As far as I know, ERAS does not require you to list every university you've attended. It is a field that is available for you to list - but nowhere in the ERAS instructions does it say you have to be comprehensive.

Relevant portion (bolding mine)
Applicants can enter information regarding the institution, degree and dates of attendance for each undergraduate and graduate school attended. If an applicant does not have at least one entry to enter, they must select None.

Compare that to what it says about medical schools:
Applicants must complete information regarding the Institution, Degree and dates of attendance for each medical school attended. The entry for an applicant’s medical school of graduation must be completed at a minimum.

You haven't lied. Particularly since you didn't earn a degree from that institution, you've left off a (seemingly optional) part of the application. If you had a half-completed MPH or something, I think you'd be just as justified leaving it off of the application. ERAS doesn't ask for undergrad/masters transcripts, and really is just a clearinghouse for a list of the activities you want to list (other than the required parts, like your med school transcript).

I mean, I could honestly be wrong, but I can't find a policy to state otherwise. Hence, my conclusion is that - You're fine.

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