i got 4 wrong about of 30 g chem question


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May 8, 2006
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    i think people perceive kaplan and topscore to be easier than the real DAT based off of their scores. the content of all 3 tests were the same... in fact i think the DAT was harder simply because of how they asked the questions. sure my DAT score improved by 3 points going from kaplan final to the real DAT... and improved 4-5 points comparing topscore to DAT, but i think this is all because topscore and kaplan have a standard scoring system that is harsher than the DAT. this ensures that when you take their test and you take the real DAT, you always 'improve'
    RockstarDMD said:
    What are you talking about vize? Kaplan's scoring system as well as topscore's scoring system are scaled the same as the real DAT.

    I think the scaling is the same but the questions are slightly harder. Also, the scaling has ranges. Like 18-21 raw points = 16 scaled scored (just an example). So maybe real DAT an 18 gets the 16 scaled, Topscore 21 = 16 scaled.

    Thank that makes sense at all?

    I haven't heard it from anyone just thinking about what could possible cause it. Any other suggestions?
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    Sep 19, 2005
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      here is a breakdown chart:


      the link:

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