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Oct 11, 2009
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Ha ha , got your attention didn't I lol.

Hi all,

First of all, I am pretty average applicant. No great stats and no great in ECs. By the way, I tried applying for 2010, and got only got 1 interview and that was a reject. But when I applied, I decided to be a doctor practically over the summer. I took MCAT suddenly over the summer. Therefore, I did not have any ECs schools like to see in a premed. But I am trying to improve so here is my profile now.

I am senior and majoring in Biochemistry.
~3.94 sGPA ( Had 4.0 ): last semester)
~3.85 cGPA
31 L: 12 physical, 11 biological, 8 verbal

ECs include:
1 year of tutoring in my undergrad university for physics, chemistry, orgo, and math.
about 70 hours of volunterring at a Hospital in ER
I have shadowed 2 doctors with total of 50 hours
And I am just doing some research that I started this February which isn't anything special.

Bad thing about my application:
community college for first 2 years
low verbal score and terrible writing score
just a little bit of research
not many volunteering hours
Asian Indian lol

Good thing:
pretty much only GPA

I am Pennsylvania resident and schools that I am planning to apply include:
Temple, Jefferson, Drexel, penn state, george washington, georgetown, florida international, tulane, boston, creighton, albany, Einstein, NYMD, toledo, EVMS, virginia common, and college of Wisconsin. The schools I have listed are pretty much average schools.

How do you think my application will fare this year? Is there anything I can do more that will greatly improve my application in little time that is left? What do you think about my list of schools? Is it broad enough? Should I add more schools? If so, which ones? I will certainly add some DO schools as well once I first get my AMCAS filled out.

Sorry for making this long, I hope you guys will give me good suggestion to improve my application in anyway. Any ideas or suggestions will be appreciated.

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Osteo Dullahan
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Nov 10, 2009
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Your application seems fine. You low verbal might be damaging but overall your gpa and your mcat is pretty good. I think that your going to a CC for 2 years isn't going to affect you at all since your gpa was good.
But yes you need clinical experience. And you need preferably 150 hours over the course of a year. Without clinical experience you will be pre-screened.
You should also find a doctor and shadow them for a while and get a lor.

But yes you got some work to do.

For you i'd also say to apply to 20 MD schools, 5 DO schools.
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Sep 2, 2007
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I generally discourage people from applying to GWU because they get 14k applicants for 120 seats. Most other schools get like 5-7k for the same number of seats. So unless you really like GW, I would replace it with another school.

I would look into/add St. Louis University to your list. Their average MCAT is ~31, don't remember what GPA is. It is also a private school.

As for DO schools, most DO schools require a LOR from a DO. Someone once said that there is like a system where they match you up with a DO to shadow, and the DO knows you'll need a letter because that's how they do it. I'm not sure if the match is via the DO application service or not - check the pre-osteo forum and I'm sure someone can tell you what I'm talking about. But I would schedule the shadowing that way you can get the letter and apply early.

captain classy

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Mar 17, 2010
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with so little time left?...i don't know. i think you should really consider waiting through this next cycle and re-applying summer 2011. that verbal score is going to kill you. take some time, study like crazy to retake mcat (not fun, i know) and knock it out of the park. with your gpa, a solid mcat would make you a reasonable applicant (numbers-wise) pretty much anywhere. plus, taking some time off would allow you to beef up your ECs. you're volunteering and shadowing, which is awesome, but you really need more hours in both areas. more research certainly wouldn't hurt either. you'll need more for sure (and preferably some pubs) if you want a shot at some of the bigger names, otherwise it's not really necessary but still probably helpful.

i know it's kind of a crappy thought to wait through another cycle and apply in 2011, but my opinion is that it would be worth it. gpa is the hardest thing to control since it's over 4 years, and yours is great, which awesome for you. some extra time would help you get the rest of your application on par with your awesome gpa. good luck