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I got secondaries!

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - DO' started by Dave, Aug 12, 2000.

  1. Dave

    Dave Member 10+ Year Member

    Oct 11, 1999
    Salt Lake, UT USA
    Not! I thought it might be worthwhile to post when we start receiving secondaries and when we sent in the primary app so others might have an idea of when to expect the long awaited apps.
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  3. RDJ


    I submitted my AACOMAS application on 5 June. I received my first secondaries from PCOM, NOVA, DMU and UHS yesterday and today.
    For those of you who applied to TCOM in TEXAS (I am a Texas resident), I submitted my application and supplemental to them the last week in May and interviewed their yesterday.

    Good Luck
  4. DocGibby

    DocGibby Senior Member 10+ Year Member

    Aug 21, 1999
    Prepare yourself, Dave, cause when they come they'll come in bulk. It can be overwhelming. I remember recieving about 10 of them over the course of 2-3 days. You'd swear the schools collaborate together to send them all at the same time just to make us sweat a little more.

    Good luck to all of you. If you thought waiting for those secondaries was stressfull, you'd better keep that defibulator [sp?] on standby. That was only the tip of the ice berg. Try agonizing over every little detail of your application only to second guess yourself for months afterward. Next your calling admissions offices every week (at least once) asking, "Is my file complete?," "Have you recieved my recomendations?," "Have you made any decisions?" Then (if your lucky) you finally get that interview around late sept-october (at the earliest). Only to realize, "hmmm, perhaps I should have looked into airline rates BEFORE I applied to that school." Then you agonize a few more weeks after the interview till they take pitty on you and accept you. Or you get thrown on the dreaded wait-list. That way your given several months to SOAK it in. But what if I get accepted you say? Does the madness end?, you ask. Nope. You you have to put down a deposit of around $500 dollars (or MORE lots more) to hold your seat. Which is fine and dandy if you plan on attending. But what if you applied to several schools and you've yet to hear from your number 1 choice. Should buy some peace of mind or roll the dice. An interesting dilema, to say the least. Ahh, but then you'll finally get in to the school of your dreams and you'll ask is it finally over? Not really. Now you have to find an apartment, move in, (remember those airline rates?), say goodbye to the social life and study till you drop. Let's not even discuss Board exams, match day, residencies. Never a dull moment, ehh?

    MSUCOM class of 2004
  5. Boomer

    Boomer Supreme Sooner Member 15+ Year Member

    Sep 1, 1999
    In a house
    To echo DocGibby's statements about buying peace of mind: be especially careful about accepting an offer from NOVA--unless it is your top choice.

    I truly hated that school after my interview, but for a while it was my only acceptance. I put down total deposits of $2000, only to be accepted to a school I thought MUCH MUCH MUCH more highly of at a later date. Now, as it stands, I'm beginning as a first year at AZCOM, and have made a $2000 "charitable contribution" to Nova Southeastern University's general fund, for a seat I will never see. Tightwad bastards wouldn't refund a penny!!!

    Oh well, what's 2 grand in the long run compared to your happiness?

    Best of luck to everyone applying this year. I hope you get into your top choices early [​IMG]
  6. DocGibby

    DocGibby Senior Member 10+ Year Member

    Aug 21, 1999
    Hey boomer,

    I hear Nova just dedicated a $2000 statue in your honor.
  7. Boomer

    Boomer Supreme Sooner Member 15+ Year Member

    Sep 1, 1999
    In a house
    Thanks alot there buddy.

  8. pogodo

    pogodo Junior Member 10+ Year Member

    Jun 19, 2000
    Quincy, Fl, US
    The waiting never seems to end, I applied for the NHSC scholarship and still have not heard anything yet. It does not help matters that some have recieved notice already(a week ago). To tell you the truth going into this forum and hearing that others have recieved info that you have not, only serves to make you more nervous. The truth is there is very little science to any of it. Just because others have heard and you have not does not necessaily mean anything. Just try to be patient. You will hear something sooner or later.
  9. Nanook

    Nanook Senior Member 10+ Year Member

    Nov 12, 1999
    Fairbanks, AK USA
    Hey RDJ---

    Were you an online applicant or a paper applicant? I applied online and completed on the 7th--and no secondaries yet.

    Just curious.
  10. Jeff698

    Jeff698 EM/EMS nerd 15+ Year Member

    Aug 11, 2000
    Salado, Texas

    I submitted electronically on June 27th. I called AACOMAS Friday and was told it will be another two to three weeks. Apparently, there have been some computer woes that have slowed them.

    They did say they're doing all of the applications in batches in the order in which they were received. I hope so.

    Good luck and take care,
  11. RDJ


    I was an online applicant. By the way, I received my AACOMAS applicant profile today, anyone else?
  12. nmehta211

    nmehta211 Member 10+ Year Member

    Jan 26, 2000
    Windsor, CT USA
    I also sent in my app online on June 5th, and my account now says, application delivered 7/4/2000. What does that mean? Also, why haven't i started receiving secondaries, i applied to PCOM, NYCOM, UNE, and Michigan.
    Well, i guess there is nothing i can do but just think about the mcat i am taking in three days. wish me luck.

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