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May 17, 2007
Chicago, IL
I understand this can be something that may hold little value to something that I can really say something about on my application, it really depends on how good of a leader I will be. Any ideas of activities I can coordinate for the group? so far we have a section of a highway adopted for cleanup and a couple cultural outings as well as a soup kitchen volunteer opportunity.


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Jul 23, 2007
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I was president of Beta Beta Beta (honors society for bio majors) and it had been basically a joke/resume builder for every member. I honestly took the job looking for another "leadership" position on my application. I genuinely tried to expand the program and get more speakers/socials/volunteer opportunities but the response was lack luster. So after trying for the common good and failing I decided that if I was going to put this much work in, then I should get something out of it. I pretty much just went after numbers after that (i.e. "We had a 110% membership increase during my tenure" and "We raised $250 for a local animal shelter through a fundraiser I organized.") Yeah, it seems a little cynical to do stuff like that just for the numbers, but the advisor didn't blame me when I spoke to her about the lackluster membership. I got what I needed out of it and if no one else did, it wasn't for my lack of trying.

Basically, try to be altruistic, but don't feel guilty if in the end you're the only one who gets something good out of it.
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