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Feb 2, 2007
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Hey everyone, I know there are like a million topics similar to this, but I have a specific problem.

My absolute worst problem with the MCAT is verbal, I got a 5 on my diag, and missed like 12 questions in a row (without random guessing) on some of them.
I find that my main problem with verbal, is that I am reading, and I just cant hold on to what the passage is saying. What I mean is, after reading a few sentances, I stop and think "Hey I have no idea what I just read" and find that I have to go back and read it over again and again. Examkrackers says the best method is to just read it through and answer the questions. I just cant do that however, since reading is a big problem for me in this case. So once I get to the problems, I feel like I wasnt able to grasp much of the passage at all, let alone analyze it.

Anyone have/had similar problems like this, and have any suggestions on how you fix/fixed it?



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Nov 8, 2006
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Usually more important that worrying about absorbing all the details and whatnot is basically get an overall grasp on why the article was written. Try to figure out what the author is trying to convey and their opinions. In your head after each paragraph try to quickly sum it up, and determine its purpose in the passage. This can help you stay "in the now" when reading. I don't like annotating every paragraph for the main idea, but some people swear by it so if you can't do it in your head, give that a try. The posted stickies in the MCAT help section on verbal are pretty comprehensive if your looking for more specifics. Good Luck
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