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May 20, 2008
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Anyone remember that scene in The Matrix where Morpheus uploaded a few terabytes of skill into Neo's CNS, and then Neo sat up and realized, "I know Kung-Fu..."

I want the same deal, but for radonc.

What's the best audio/MP3 collection to supplement radonc reading? ASTRO MP3s? Osler Notes audio? Text-to-speechin' the primary literature?? What do seasoned radoncs consider HIGH-YIELD and recommended audio sources for study?



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Aug 18, 2004
Don't put Osler on in the car, you will definitely get into an accident :sleep:

Any Wu Tang or Biggie Smalls will work while you read, re-read, recite, forget, read, re-read, and try to regurgitate the vast amount of info we "need".

I suppose ASTRO MP3s could be good, but they would best be reviewed with the slides in front of you. Occasionally there are some funny jokes said as people warm-up for their talks. You will probably get a bunch of free prostate cancer expert discussion cds in the mail shortly after you start PGY2, I never found them very useful.


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Apr 22, 2001
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UAB has some lectures on iTunes - the residents give topical talks.
They are free.
Some are really good, some are just okay
The head and neck ones are particularly good.
The prostate one I listened to was just okay.
I think the major pro is that most of the residents have smooth southern drawls, so it's easy listening, instead of the grating, midwestern, nasal twang that my lectures would have.