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I need advice

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - DO' started by InNY, Jan 27, 1999.

  1. InNY

    InNY Junior Member 10+ Year Member

    Jan 26, 1999
    It's kind of comforting to know people are in or have experienced similar situations as me. I actually am in my junior year of undergraduate education, and am studying to be an Occupational Therapist, at a very good school.I've always wanted to be a doctor,but for similar reasons as other people, not feeling confident about my G.P.A. after having difficulty freshman year, I loaded up on prerequisites for O.T.,applied to a few programs and got in.I love O.T., especially because of its wholistic approach to treating the person,and I think it's what has spurred my interest in Osteopathy. I want to apply after I graduate in another year and work for ayear or two.I really haven't done any work with any physicians,and I've got a while before I take my MCATS.Does anyone have any suggestions as to little things I can do on the side right now to bolster my ability of getting accepted, b/c I'm totally confused.I'd really appreciate the input.Thanx.
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  3. dcdo

    dcdo Senior Member 10+ Year Member

    Jan 26, 1999
    I have a suggestion based on my experience. Like you, I completed a degree in another health field before I applied to D.O. school. I would suggest that you first find a D.O. to shadow. Also, find information on your local D.O. professional association and begin attending meetings. You can meet a lot of good contacts this way. They tend to be extremely kind and supportive. Some of these doctors probably have connections to different schools that may prove helpful. Also, figure out what schools you would like to attend. If possible, visit these schools and meet the people in admissions, particularly the director and anyone who does interviews. Ask them what else you can do to help your cause. BE SURE TO SEND THANK YOU NOTES TO EVERYONE!!! This is just good old fashioned networking, and it works!! I'ts also a great way to make new friends in the profession.
  4. macey

    macey Junior Member 10+ Year Member

    Jan 20, 1999
    You also might want to get some clinical experience, either paid, volunteer or school. After I didn't get in the first time, I spent the next two years volunteering, getting my EMT, and working for two ambulance companies. During my EMT clinicals, I was at a hospital that was primarily DO and also where I met the DO who wrote a letter of recommendation for me. I also met fourth year DO students from several schools who gave me great advice. I believe it made a huge difference when I re-applied. Good luck.
  5. epilido

    epilido Member 10+ Year Member

    Feb 14, 1999
    Glendale, AZ, USA
    My GPA wasn't all that great either, and my MCAT scores were middle of the road. I like to think my healthcare experience (RN and EMT) helped. But, deep down inside, I have a feeling that my realtionship with a DO really clinched it! I worked with a DO, and became really close to him and his family. He calls me his daughter. He wrote me an incredible letter! I kept wondering who it was about...haha. I lucked out in that I worked with him, but I bet there are ways to hang out with a DO and get similar experience. I think it's important for him/her to see you "in action" with patients too, not just meet for lunch, etc. Every hospital I know is looking for volunteers, and it doesn't require much time. Jump in! It may get you in to the school of your choice!

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