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    Help me out here guys (and girls of course), I'm a Canadian that wants to apply to a few US dental schools but money will be a bit tight (especially with the crappy exchange rate on our Canadian dollar). I'd very much like to attend Nova Southeastern dental school as I've got family in the South Florida area I could live with for free. The only thing I want to know is how tough a school Nova is to get into. Is it considered one of the "easier" schools to get into or one of the more "difficult" schools?? If anybody's got any stats on previous applicants that were admitted, PLEASE SHARE THIS WITH ME!! I'm faced with the real possibility that I may not get into either UofToronto or UofWestern Ontario's dental schools and Nova's looking like my only affordable hope in the US. So any info you guys have on the program will be warmly received and is greatly appreciated! Thanks,

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