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I Need Help! Any Professional In The Medical Field Please Respond!

Discussion in 'Emergency Medicine' started by AbcdefGreat, Sep 8, 2002.

  1. AbcdefGreat

    AbcdefGreat New Member

    Sep 6, 2002
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    Hi, I am doing an english project which involved interviewing a professional in the medical field. I must ask the following 10 questions that I have made up myself. Please take your time! Thank you!!

    1. What was the worst case in your career you ever had? Explain.
    2. What steps do you take to treat any sick patient?
    3. In your opinion, has medicine improved results of recovery
    over the years?
    4. If you find a disease and know it is really contagious, do you do
    anything so that the public will not be affected by this disease?
    5. How hard is it to tell if a person has a disease such as leukemia?
    6. Do you feel uncomfortable when you find out that your patient has
    AIDS or some deadly disease?
    7. How do patients react when they are told that they have a fatal
    8. Has medicine have enough effect today that many patients have
    survived when they would have died a few years ago??
    9. Do you enjoy healing the sick? What made you want to become a doctor
    10. Have you ever messed up on finding someone's disease?

    After you are done. Please discuss some more about how medicine and technology changed over the years. Take for example the "YELLOW FEVER" in 1793..How was it back then? And how is it today?
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