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I need help!!(clinical experience or grades?)

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by Challenge, Oct 23, 2000.

  1. Challenge

    10+ Year Member

    Mar 13, 2000
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    Hi I'm 25 and I've been a clinical technician for over 4mos. as a full-time. I'm interested in applying for both DO and MD. But I would choose DO as priority. Recently I applied for graduate school in biotech program to get MS degree before I apply for med school.
    I have an overall GPA (2.8) with B.S. in Nutrition and Exercise Science (too much party and English is my second language) and just started post-bacc so I can retake some courses and take higher-level science classes to improve my grades. But working as an clin tech as a full-time, I could only take 6-9credits (assuming I get straigt A's). I really need to improve my GPA, learn how to manage time, read a lot of books and study English to catch up things to braoden my intellect and to become a person like natural Americans who don't have to worry too much about verbal part on MCAT.
    So I really want to quit my job as a clin tech (after 7mos. of full-time experience) next Spring semester and take 18-20 credits and read a lot of books, newspapers, memorizing vocab. etc.
    After that, during the summer, I am planning to volunteer(approx. 200hrs) for American Red cross at U.S. army base in my country where I've grown up for almost 18 years.
    I have 2years of part-time teaching assistant at a taekwondo gym when I was in high school and 80hrs of work as a volunteer and intern at physical therapy and 2mos. of full-time physical therapy aide. I also have a little bit of health educator experience.
    Is it going to be ok or better if I quit clinical experience to take more courses and get better grade? I just don't think 16hrs per week working as a clin tech for remaining 5 mos. won't make big difference on my resume and I would rather spend time reading lots of books and start preparing MCAT.

    Another question is do I really have to like my job as a clin tech to become a great doctor? I like helping people but the work in my department is soooo demanding as a physical and mental. I'm considering to have research experience before I apply for med school. And how much is plenty of volunteer and clinical/research experience? It seems like those experiences are essential pre-req for all pre-med. How can I be competetive candidate for med school?
    I need all the sincere salutary advices. Please help! Thanks.
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