Aug 16, 2016
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Hello there,

I hope everyone is doing well

I’m a middle-eastern final-year medical student who admires Latin culture (music/dance/traditional clothing and food) and wishes to apply for residency in a Latin country (in either one of the following specialties: ophthalmology, dermatology, ENT, paediatrics, or family medicine).

Although a lot of people will argue that US or Canadian boards are the best in any specialty but since I’ve been going through major depression that wiped away 90% of my ambition and will to live, I thought of involving the things I love into my vision to the future, the things that brings happiness to my soul… regardless of how others view it… And that includes learning Spanish (at least to be able to understand all my favourite songs that I dance so hard to! haha) and live in a Latin community.

I don’t mind spending a year or so to learn the language.

I have talked to one latin friend and asked her to recommend me a country to start a new chapter of my life in, and she suggested Argentina, Costa Rica, and/or Chile. And when I wondered why not Spain, she answered with "only 4% of international graduates are accepted there yearly, so it’s time consuming although MIR exam is not that hard”

Is that true?

What do you guys think is best for me in terms of low crime rate, ease of application process, living costs, friendless of locals? (although I’m pretty sure that almost all Latinos have this kindness gene in their blood haha!)

Are there any negative points to consider about the whole idea? (other than having to pay for residency programs)

I’d deeply appreciate your opinions!
Thanks in advance
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Mar 24, 2016
Hello! well I'm from Mexico, went to med school in my country and I'm currently applying in the US. I don't know anything about those countries you mentioned, but the exam in mexico is called ENARM:
Residency training in Mexico is hardest than in the US, the shifts are extremely long, and punishments are very common (stay in the hospital even longer than required) and sometimes they can be mean mostly in surgical residencies. Nobody doing residency in Mexico will read this forum, so I advice you to browse in spanish everything you want to know. Also the salary in Mexico is not good; montlhy income during residency is about 10,000 - 13,000 pesos. If you decide to go to Mx just know that you will work very hard during the residency. Food is amazing and almost everyone there is humble and kind! Good look in your search