I need you help and wonderful advice please !

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Raquel King

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May 29, 2014
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I am currently in my first semester of community college, I just graduated high school in May 2014.My ultimate goal is to become an orthodontist. I went into my first semester so optimistic about everything and ready as ever and i knew it was not going to be easy but I was so motivated, but then I let my circumstances get the best of me. Less then a month after I graduated I got kicked out/left of my parents house over money (it is very complicated with them) and i work full time my work schedule is from 12pm-11pm, i registered for school and my classes start at 7:00am-11am. I knew the schedule I had would be hard for me but like i said i was very motivated and I really want to become a dentist more then anything. Any who the first months go by and I am doing exceptionally well but then after a while i was so drained mentally and physically i had to wake up at 5am every morning for school and would not get to sleep until at least 2am not to mention my math class my teacher would post assignments the day of and they would be due at 11:59 which i would try to fit it in on my lunch break but long story short I started slacking I would be so tired sometime I wouldn't hear my alarm clock and I stay from couch to couch basically so I feel like not having a stable environment contributed to all this madness because I now no longer have balance then my car broke down so then finding a way to school got harder because i have to leave by 6:15 basically. I am 18 and have no help or guidance So i need some advice I still want to continue my dream I know now it will be harder due to my first semester grades but i'm willing to make major life changes so my second semester is more successful.



You sound pretty tough--

You need some extra time in the day. Maybe spend the break researching and applying to all the grants/scholarships you can think of. There should be someone at your school who might help you with that.

After that, you may have to consider loans---but that's risky this early on in your undergraduate career. You might change your mind about profession or you may not perform as well as you need to, making loans difficult to pay off later on down the road.

If you can't find more time with the above methods, you may just have to take fewer classes. Not ideal, but good grades over a longer stint is better than worse grades in a shorter time period.

You also might look into the education benefits offered by the military.

Otherwise...you can continue to work really really really hard. Only you can know if that's possible. I think I would snap under the schedule you describe.


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Dec 19, 2013
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Wow. I am impressed by your drive considering the circumstances. Hold onto that, it will help you on your journey more than anything.

Good advice above. I would add that you should slow things down. I know that at 18 you are chomping at the bit to get started with life and you are probably watching people your age go to school under much more ideal circumstances. That's not you though, so don't feel bad if it takes you a little longer.

Focus first on stability. Get a good part time to 3/4 time job that treats you okay, and find a safe cheap place to live. Maybe someone can rent you a room or you can find a roommate. Try your best to keep everything close together to make transportation easier and cheaper and look at public transit options. You need the stability so you can focus on school.

After you've got some stability, increase your hours at the CC and do the best that you can, knock out general education classes and try not to take too many dental school prerequisites there. Look for a nearby four year school to transfer to early and a degree plan there that you can take. Talk to councilors so that you get as many CC credits to count towards that degree as you can. Then when you're ready, make the jump to a four year school to finish a degree.

Definitely, look into loans, grants and scholarships. There are a ton out there and you definitely have the need.

School loans can be dangerous, you may need them but try to keep them as low as possible while you work towards your degree.

And don't borrow money for anything but school if you can help it.

I wish you the best of luck.