Medical I overestimated my work hours in AMCAS. Will this jeopardize my acceptance?

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Oct 13, 2011
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Ok so I have a feeling you'll just tell me im being neurotic and worrying over a nonissue but on the off chance that this is an actual issue which I should address, I figured id ask. I was recently glancing at my amcas application and I realized that I had overestimated my projected + prior hours by ~250 hours, mind you its was part of my estimated hours for a year and a half of working full time (work was listed as a clinical paid experience so i assumed they might check this). I believe that the remainder of my hours are fairly accurate and I'm hoping that if my hours are reviewed they'll take that into consideration when noticing the overestimation. So i guess my questions for all of you are: Do schools verify hours pre or post II/A? Do I send an update to my schools correcting the hours or just leave it be?

To go along with this, I was recently admitted and will changing my hours after an admission offer lead them to believe I overestimated it intentionally to increase my likelihood of an II?
Could you be a bit more specific? What was the specific experience that you overestimated hours? Is this strictly regarding future/projected hours or are you talking about the hours you already completed?

It was for medical scribing. I had 1 entrance for the experience so I lumped together previously worked hours with the years worth of hours I projected to complete before matriculation and I estimated the total to be 2600 when in reality it is closer to 2400. when I was filling in the hours for experiences on the amcas I did a bit of mental math to estimate my projected time and apparently my mental multiplication skills disappeared after the mcat

Tbh I didn’t know we were able to make separate entries for prior and projected hours, for all my current experiences I just did start date, projected end date being 8/2020 and then my total prior + projected hours


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I’m thinking that due to the sheer quantity of hours I will have actually accrued by my matriculation date, the extra 200hours won’t be noticed and if it is noticed it’ll be fairly obvious that it was an estimation error and not done deceitfully. Like who in their right mind would think that those extra few hours would be so important to their app that they’d consider lying about it? If I had to guess I’d say their main concern is people who actually did 20 hours and put 200 etc, not someone who couldn’t accurately estimate a 40hr/week job with variable overtime to the specific # of hours,right?
An adcomm would likely judge your application based on the number of already completed hours their mental math would estimate you had completed, not on the future hours you added in. If you were a scribe for 6 months at the time of application and predicted 2600 hours for that plus an additional year, I'd assume that you had ~866 hours of scribing done. That alone would be enough active clinical experience to give you sufficient points to move on in the application review process.

We know that future hours may not be completed, due to being laid off, fired, or personal/family medical circumstance, personal time off, or preference. So don't worry about a 200 hour discrepancy.

my questions for all of you are:
1) Do schools verify hours pre or post II/A?
2) Do I send an update to my schools correcting the hours or just leave it be?
1) Most will be validated after you matriculate. Why waste resources before then when you don't know who will matriculate until the day they show up. Exceptions might be for a highly desirable candidate on paper who has ECs that seem too good to be true.

2) Leave it be, though I wouldn't blame you for sending a correction to whatever school you ultimately decide to attend, just for the peace of mind.
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