i really really suck at standardized patients

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Jul 3, 2006
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I don't mean for this to be a woe is me post, but man, I SUCK at standardized patients. I just had my end of internal medicine standardized patient exams today, and I just feel like I leave out stuff left and right. The 20 minute time limit we have certainly doesn't help, either, although I do understand real life requires even more efficiency. I feel frustrated that our IM rotation is only 8 weeks, which IMHO is nowhere near the time to get a solid grasp on the field, at least for me. Honestly, at this point I am so thankful I don't have an interest in going into IM for residency because I feel like I'm nowhere near smart enough to do internal medicine. There is just SO. MUCH. STUFF. I guess I just feel really crushed and demoralized -- I feel like I'm going to end up being a terrible physician, and the thought of this terrifies me. .... And the shelf is on Monday, sigh.

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Don't feel bad. I felt like I had a grasp in my medicine knowledge during residency until I did a nephrology rotation. OMG, I never felt so ignorant in my life, the guy was calculating ratios in HIS HEAD from the CMP lab diagram. Was always 5 steps behind, etc. Those renal guys are just brilliant. I got through and crawled back to the comfort zone. An Internist friend of mine once told me that being a medical student is like being an onion. You learn the knowledge in layers. It takes time to create the finished product. You will be ok. I think we all felt that way at some point.
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Standardized patients are always harder and more awkward because no matter how much you try, you can't get past the feeling that you're acting. Its like a screen test. I am sure someone somewhere has a great reason why these encounters are beneficial, but for the life of me I can't figure it out.

Don't sweat it.
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O Haha!!

Honestly, at first I was thinking "yeah someone thinks exactly what I think!!!!"
I hated the OSCE's. I nail a diagnosis but still don't get a good grade for not being as thorough as I should. I just don't don't get into it with actors. They're fake.
Simulated cases, on the other hand, are way more awesome. And I'm not talking about the ACLS bull****.

Anywho - these things pass. But you gotta learn how to do it.