Medical I talked about racism in my secondary essays. Now, I'm scared that will hurt me.

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Hi. In some of my essays, I have talked about overcoming racism in questions that ask me about to talk a difficult situation or challenge. I would describe how a coworker thought it was funny to call me the name of the only other person at work who shared my ethnic background. I would tell him to stop, and after he continued to call me the other person's name for humor, I asked him to stop because his actions came across as racism. Would this be too contentious for a topic in a secondary? I have already submitted to many schools about this topic and I did not realize until just today that talking about racism would put me at a disadvantage. I talked about overcoming racism in about 1/3 of my schools, so I am concerned that I basically ensured I would be rejected from those schools. Sometimes, I would also talk about being in my classroom with a professor who tried to talk to me in Puertorican slang, even though I am not Puertorican and I let him know that I am a different ethnic group. Thoughts? I appreciate your honesty.
Racism is a controversial topic, but if you wrote about it well, it can be a positive part of your application. it is hard to say how your particular story will play out, but I would suggest you wait and see if you get interviews.
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