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Sep 4, 2020
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I was never formally diagnosed, but I think I do have ADHD. While I am studying a lot of time, I feel like I'm getting nowhere as much done as what I should be. Sometimes, my mind will wander off, or I will get distracted by the lines on my desk, the wrinkles in my rug, etc. Worse of all, I will be distracted by things on the internet, or will be finding myself reading things over and over and not have a clue of what I read. This is further reflected in me consistently scoring below 60% on any quizzes.

This not only applies to med school, but also to other things. Every day, I return to my house after walking to my car cause I forgot something. I can never find my keys. My room and car gets messy easily. I'm always losing things. A few weeks ago, I lost a laptop charger. Then, I lost another laptop charger. Today, I shattered a glass of cologne. I have probably lost close to $1k worth of chargers (phone, laptop), cell phones, watches, headphones, and car keys in my lifetime. Not only is this a financial burden, but also an emotional one. I hate myself everytime I lose things. It also is time intensive, as I have to take time out of studying to go to best buy (or TJ Maxx today) to replace the items I lost and stresses me out.


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Sep 30, 2008
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Since I'm not seeing a question here, and mostly just speculation on medical conditions that we can't advise you about, this thread is being closed. If you think you have a medical condition please discuss with a licensed professional.
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