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i think my friends are pulling my leg

Discussion in 'Pre-Dental' started by xplayer2885, Mar 28, 2007.

  1. xplayer2885

    xplayer2885 7+ Year Member

    Nov 13, 2006
    This is my 4th semester i have a 3.0 gpa cuz i tanked. I have a few weeks of school left so far im around a 3.8. But my friends said a 3.8 this semester will only give we like a 3.2???? how is this possible. I wanna try an graduate with a 3.7. They told me the only way to do this is to 4.0 for the next two years?????
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  3. SugarNaCl

    SugarNaCl Dental Student Moderator Emeritus 5+ Year Member

    Apr 28, 2006
    Akron, OH
    Logically if you have a 3.0 in your first 3 semesters and then a 3.8 in your fourth semester...that would give you a 3.2 (after 4th semester) If you take the same amount of credits every year from fresh-senior, you could get a 3.6 GPA if you got straight A s...right? Am I missing something? This is ONLY true if you take the exact same credits every semester of your college career though of course.
  4. bruinpredent

    bruinpredent UCLA School of Dentistry 7+ Year Member

    Jul 11, 2006
    yea, sounds right. once you tank, its hard to climb back up. had the OP had a 3.0 after only one semester, then bringing it up would have been easier
  5. doctorloomis

    doctorloomis Junior Member 2+ Year Member

    May 18, 2006
    I hate to break it to you, but if you are sitting on a 3.0 after four semesters, then a 3.7 is virtually out of reach for you in two years. To give you an idea, lets assume you have finished 70 hours of coursework after four semesters (about 17.5 hours a semester) with a 3.2 cumulative GPA. So you want to bring that 3.2 to a 3.7, and you have four semesters (2yrs) left?

    Here's your schedule for a 3.7:

    If you took 20 hours next semester and earned A's in each class, that would pull you up from a 3.2 to a 3.37. Taking another 20 hours and all A's would give you a 3.48. So you would go into your senior year with a 3.48 with two semesters remaining. 20 more hours of A's would pull up your 3.48 to a 3.56. Assuming you got all A's in your final semester and taking 20 hours, you would pull up your 3.56 to a 3.61. You see how daunting the challenge is now?

    Your chances of getting a 3.7 with only two years remaining are slim to none because you are coming from so far away (3.0). Even with all A's and 20 hours each semester, you would only pull up to a 3.61. If you want a 3.7, you are looking at 3 more years of college coursework with all A's, if that's what you want. I think a more realistic goal here is aiming for a 3.5 GPA when you graduate. Finish out your next two years the same way you did this semester (3.8), and you'll have your 3.5 GPA. That's more than high enough for someone applying to dental school.

    Best of luck to you, friend.
  6. dmd2011

    dmd2011 Random Hero 5+ Year Member

    Dec 2, 2006
    Philadelphia, PA
    the more credits and quality points you have causes your GPA to become more "stable". so even with a 3.8 for one semester, it wont move your GPA that much. keep the trend going over your remaining semesters.
  7. xplayer2885

    xplayer2885 7+ Year Member

    Nov 13, 2006
    I think the question i mean to ask is. What is the ideal GPA for getting into dental school?? is see kids with 3.9, an im like ooo sh%t!!! How am i gonna get in when the standards are rocketing????:( Also shold i retake my D+ in calc?? How much will it help to retake it??
  8. 1992Corolla

    1992Corolla CheerioKing 7+ Year Member

    Sep 19, 2005
    people get into school with scores from 2.8-4.0

    However you want the best score possible. I would shoot for as many A's as possible.
  9. reapply2007

    reapply2007 Senior Member 10+ Year Member

    Jun 23, 2006
    If your d-school of interest requires calc then usually a d isn't good enough for a prereq. Some schools do and some don't require calc. If you retake it now it might help your GPA and open up a few more schools for your eligibility.
  10. xdianaax

    xdianaax In memory of Riley Jane Moderator Emeritus 7+ Year Member

    Sep 12, 2006
    I think you should re-take it anyways, a D+ doesn't end up looking good in any situation...

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