I want to be a dental assistant during undergrad before dental school in Cali. HELP?

Aug 13, 2015
First of all I am moving to California because of a job opportunity. I have always wanted to live in Cali so I am wanting to jump at the opportunity. I eventually want to be a dentist, though and will have to go back to school and get my Bachelor's degree. Since I am moving here to establish a life for myself, I want to establish residency for tuition purposes and everyone laughs when I post about that because they say it is impossible or that I'm foolish for wanting to do so since I didn't go to high school there...
I know that you have to establish everything for a year but will going to any sort of DA school mess that up for me?
Also, should I go to an accredited program for 8+ months and become an RDH just to get that experience for my dental school applications? Or could I just do one of those 10 or 12 week programs (so I don't throw off my residency for tuition purposes) and still be able to do regular DA work??
Sorry if I am asking this in the wrong website but we are all aspiring dentists right? It is kinda relevant!