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Jul 27, 2014
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Have you spent hours, days and maybe even months working on that personal statement for college, medical, dental, pharmacy, graduate school or residency?

Or maybe you have a large dissertation or thesis to submit and you-just-cannot-read-it-one-more-time?

I understand. I have been there.

Let me be your extra pair of eyes to proof-read and edit your article to the next level, at an affordable price!

I will proof-read and provide grammatical, verb-tense corrections to your scientific write-ups, personal statements and professional documents (e.g. dissertation and thesis). I can also make stylistic changes and content suggestions to your college essay paper.

My services are also perfect for non-native English speakers as well.

With a Ph.D. in a life science from an Ivy league institution and currently pursuing a medical degree, I have spent the past decade successfully writing personal statements, scientific writings, a dissertation, blog posts and internal grant proposals. You can trust me to take your writing to your desired level.

Contact me privately for all your editing and writing needs.
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