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Jun 14, 2001
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Can anyone tell me what kind of area ICO is located in - is it a safe area? Does anyone know any hotels close to ICO?



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Jun 8, 2001
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While the school itself has great security, the trouble is that it is needed.

The area that it is located in is a fairly poor area. There are major shopping centers and attractions just a few miles away. But the immediate area is one where I wouldn't feel comfortable walking alone during the evening / early morning hours.

There are several hotels in the area. There is a convention center just a couple of miles away. The Hyatt is attached to it, but beware...the rates don't include parking. Parking in excess of $25 a day if you don't move it. Otherwise it is $3 an hour. The convention center was built in this area to try and help brighten the neighborhood. It also is just about 3-4 miles from Chinatown.

The students I have talked to there all say it is ok..but to get an apartment in a better area gets to be a bit expensive. No one knows of any real serious offenses to students and staff, but things such as theft, and the presence of gangs is known.

The school is continually bragging about its security and all the efforts they put into it. The students I talked to all feel safe while at the school...It is just the neighborhood surrounding it.



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May 1, 2000
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My father received his degree from ICO. You can really sum-up the whole area by saying, it is Southside Chicago. It has been awhile since he went there but he always said the area around it sucks but the school is good. He never felt in danger on campus. Don't let the area disscurage you. I myself attend a great school that you don't want to exit off the east side of campus but I never feel uncomfortable on campus.
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