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I'd like to quote you in article I'm writing


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Sep 25, 2005
  1. Pre-Health (Field Undecided)
    I am writing an article for New Physicians magazine, published by the American Medical Student Association, about medical school Honor Codes and their impact on student cheating and ethics. I would like to quote you in this article. Please answer as many of the questions below as you want in a return e-mail. State your name as you would like to see it in print, and your year in medical school. Please also provide me with name of faculty/students who I may also quote. RESPOND ONLY TO: [email protected]
    Thank you.

    How rampant is cheating in your medical school?

    Have you ever witnessed a fellow medical student cheat on a test? Tell me the story…what class, how they cheated, etc.
    What did you do about it? Confront that person? Do nothing?
    (if you care to tell how you yourself cheated, I won’t publish your name)

    Do you know of students who have plagiarized a paper? Tell me the story…what class, subject of paper, etc.
    What did you do about it? Confront that person? Do nothing?
    Do you think that plagiarizing is less important if copying and pasting bits of text from the Internet?
    (if you tell me of your own experience, I won’t publish your name)

    Is the Honor Code (HC) in your school in conflict with your belief system?

    Does your school honor code require you to report violations that you witness or risk punishment?

    Do you have a “court” that hears accusations of cheating and other breaches of the HC?

    Does the Honor System work well enough in your school to ensure fairness and integrity?

    Does the Honor Code (HC) in your school go beyond cheating and into ethical situations that students find themselves in?

    How effective do you think your HC is?

    Is your honor system effective for those ethical “gray areas” like students working together on a problem set? How are these cases typically handled?

    What other special issues in your school make an honor code difficult to define or enforce?

    Who sits on your Honor Council/Court and how are violators punished?

    Is your HC created by students or administrators? Do you think that the HC is better if created by students? Why?

    Does your HC help prepare you for the ethical challenges you’ll face when you begin the practice of medicine? How?

    Does your HC extend to incidences prior to admission that are discovered later, for example, MCAT cheating or plagiarizing an entrance essay?
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