ideas besides hospitalist for year off

Discussion in 'Other Subspecialties' started by blaire003, Jan 5, 2009.

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    Anybody with ideas for what to do besides being a hospitalist the year after finishing residency? I'm going to apply for endocrine fellowship during my 3rd year of residency but wondering if there are any other paid research positions out there that I could do for a year besides being a hospitalist?
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    Research is an obvious choice and finding a position shouldn't be too hard. The downside is that you will probably take a 20-50% pay cut in moving to what is essentially a research assistant, bachelor's degree level position. You could certainly double or triple that with some moonlighting but that's obviously a lot more work. The hospitalist gig is so enticing b/c it generally pays well, has a decent work schedule/lifestyle and is easy to move in and out of.

    You could probably find a PT urgent care or VA Primary Care gig as well.

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