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Idiotic question


7+ Year Member
15+ Year Member
Jan 23, 2003
    Just what I was thinkning golytely. "Well Suzie, I do really like you. You're smart as hell and have killer legs. If Allison doesnt want me, youre my very next choice."

    You can tell he shes beautiful without telling her shes no Natalie Portman.
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    7+ Year Member
    15+ Year Member
    Mar 19, 2004
      - I think we have a real future together, I mean that Jane

      Jane - Really, I think you have real potential as well.

      - I mean you have the personality, the bod, everything a guy could ask for.

      Jane - Aww shucks.......

      - There are two hotter babes I have my eyes on first, but if they don't work out.......

      Jane - Slap!!!

      Something like that (dramatization not based on real events)

      DJ Trauma

      Spin, Spin, Spin!
      10+ Year Member
      5+ Year Member
      Sep 16, 2004
      Dirty South
        i agree with golytely and barrytree. but i think you could probably say something along the lines of "i am planning to rank program X highly." if you're non-specific, you don't run the risk of sounding insulting, but you still get your point across.
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