If a foreign dentist from India got accepted to a U.S. Perio Program, would they be able to practice Perio in the U.S., once they pass the Perio Exam?


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Jul 11, 2013
Perio itself would be enough but you need to give licensing exam and then you'll be able to get a restricted license, you'll be able to practice in some US states only, 5-7 of them, and noone knows if rules will change with time because they do keep changing.
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Mar 27, 2020
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Short answer is YES, but only in some states and only on that specialty.

Any degree or certificate will qualify you to do something under some circumstances. For example, a Doctorate will allow you to work in academia as a teacher, but not as a dentist. The same applies for any specialty, which will allow you to perform THAT specialty only and in some states, not everywhere.

You have to weight the cons and pros of such decision, because it is costly. Personally, the dental market in the US is oversaturated and it isn't what it used to be a decade or longer ago; you can find many threads on this issue on this forum from the American perspective, with debts around ~500k or even 1m (DDS+courses in between+Specialty).

Unless you get a scholarship from your country or the univ. where you are applying, I think it is financial suicide for any foreigner. But again, up to you to decide if you want to gamble.
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