If I am retaking the MCAT should I still submit June 1?


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Jul 28, 2007
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I got my mcat score the other day, and unfortunately got a 27. Because of the huge, huge mistake I made studying for the test during the school semester, I will study all of next summer for 3 months and take the test again in August.

Should I still submit the rest of my application on June 1st to AMCAS? Or should I wait to have that better score, in hopes of getting more secondaries? I fear that schools will not consider my August scores if I submit June 1....is this a no-brainer, or are there trade-offs to both waiting to submit and submitting early w/ bad score?

cGPA will be 3.5 and sGPA 3.35-3.4
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Sep 6, 2008
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This seems like an excellent time to call the admissions offices at your designated schools and ask them. It is always good to talk to them before applying anyway, and you may get some good advice on the pros/cons for their school.

But yeah, there are good sides and bad sides and guessing will not help.