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If I haven't heard -should I give up?


Full Member
10+ Year Member
Sep 23, 2008
Stockton, CA
  1. Dental Student
No word from UCLA or UOP! Do I still have a shot?

Hey Livineasi, fellow Gaucho :p

First off, i'm going to rip you for your question. Should I give up?


With your stats, you can probably go a lot of places, even if it means applying again but earlier.

Now when you say no word from UCLA or UoP, do you mean as you have interviewed there or you haven't gotten one yet?

For UoP, if any invites go out, they will be for alternate spots, and that will only happen if the class doesn't fill up with their second wave of interviews that have gone out already.

As for UCLA, there is a little more hope as they are more of a "rolling admissions" format than UoP and have spots available all the way until March I believe.

Also were you in PDO? I think I might have met you through a mutual friend before not sure. Do you know Camille or Justine? I think I met a Soc Pre-dent at a Project Smile meeting once.
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