If I want to be an IVF doctor, what specialty do I need to achieve?

Jul 30, 2009

Do I need to be OBGYN to become an fertility doctor?
Any other easier or shorter way?/degree?

I'm in a little late stage for med school now. I just turned thirty. I'll be receiving acupuncture license in three years. And I decided to open a fertility clinic, and I want to get MD if it's what it takes.

But still, anybody know any different way?

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Jul 28, 2004
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Technically speaking, once you get your full license you can legally do anything that falls under medicine/surgery. Now, without being an REI-fellowship trained OB/GYN, no hospital in America is going to let you do IVF procedures nor will your state likely allow you to open your own surgery center for this purpose. In addition, IVF is regulated by the CDC so there may be additional rules in place that I am not aware of.

Long story short - do it the right way and don't try to shortcut your way into fertility.
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