General If I wasn't sanctioned due to a good samaritan policy do I still need to report an institutional action?

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I helped a friend who was overdosing seek medical attention but ended up being accused of possessing and using drugs myself. There was a police report that has some blatantly false information which makes me look terrible (it insinuates I sold drugs) but I was never arrested or charged with anything. Because my university has a good samaritan policy, even though they didn't believe I wasn't on drugs I wasn't sanctioned because I sought medical attention for my friend. So basically I have two questions: 1. Is this even an institutional action since I wasn't sanctioned? and 2. Will a police report with my name in it show up in the background check if I wasn't arrested or charged?
If your school did not sanction you, it is not an IA.

If you were not charged with a crime, you do not need to report anything with regard to crimes.


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Mar 12, 2013
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You should be good. Just say no to drugs, mmkay.

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