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If you don't have exceptional chemistry notes you might want to check this out

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Moderator Emeritus
10+ Year Member
Jun 23, 2010
  1. Resident [Any Field]
Erroneous material? Mind providing an example? The website looks a bit sketchy/weird but the chapters themselves (which you can see a bit with preview) were nearly identical to the lectures my professors gave.

It's 400 pages but I think you could get through the 400 pages faster than 100 pages of TBR for ex. I ordered physics/orgo/genchem/bio TBR books already. Idk it just worked really well for me in terms of review.

Course lectures don't cover material in the ideal manner for MCAT prep, so I don't see how that's a plus.
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Cptn Loko

Full Member
Feb 24, 2010
  1. Pre-Medical
I looked over some of the samples for each chapter, and they seemed like pretty good notes (I would have bought it back in gen chem days had I known about it).

However, I doubt it could be as useful for the MCAT as companies like Berkeley do a good enough (if only sometimes dense) job of reviewing concepts.
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