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If you had a choice...


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Mar 12, 2008
between taking Kapan 10/11, the free TPR on the website, the free GS on the website, or the free Kaplan test on the website, which two would be the best to take? ..heck, I'll make a poll just for kicks!

Also, if you had to save 4 tests for last, which ones would they be (right now I'm thinking AAMC 8-10 and Kaplan 9, but input would be appreciated!)?

And finally, for winter break I'm planning to take a practice test every other day and then study in between test days. I don't think I'll get burned out... I'm kind of a studyaholic as it is haha. But is this wise?

And what would you recommend doing on test days and in between test days? I'm thinking just reading topics I'm having trouble with on test days (I'd prob be too tired to try to muscle through more practice passages and stuff right after I've taken a test) and then doing practice passages/sections and discretes in between test days. Does this sound alright?

Sorry for all the questions. I'm testing at the end of january, so I wanted to make good use of my winter break. I was hitting my target score (mid/upper 30's) before summer ended (I did hardcore content review and took a course over the summer), but didn't really do much over this semester because classes were owning my face haha...
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