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Jul 1, 2009
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I'm currently a prelim in a big program... I was under the impression that if I match in a PGY1 categorical spot, programs wouldn't need to pay for my insurance for an extra year... But now I heard otherwise. So, I'm thinking of not applying to gen surg and just feeding off the PGY2 spots that open up later on, as there's no way in hell a program would take me knowing they need to pay extra for one year of insurance.

Any thoughts on that?


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Dec 17, 2008
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What do you mean by "insurance"? Malpractice insurance?

I can't imagine a program would care.

Are you confusing "insurance" with "funding" from the government for GME?

If so, please refer to one of the many other threads on this issue. Bottom line is that picking up the extra for funding is really not as huge a deal as people make it seem sometimes, and the majority of PDs really don't think or care much about it.


If you are a PGY1 prelim...PLEASE, PLEASE apply through the match for PGY1 categorical slots. Apply broadly, and go on as many interviews as you can possibly schedule. You are in a do or die situation. Don't shoot yourself in the foot trying to overthink the process.