If your current roomate is moving to the city of your dental school..

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Apr 15, 2008
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Hey guys-
I'm new to the SDN thang! Anyways I'll get to my question. If your current roomate (college roomie for last 3 years) is moving to the city that you will be going for dental school, do you room with them or do you take the cheaper, closer, nicer, grad housing? Do you choose to live with your current roomate to make it feel a little more like home, or do you live with a future classmate to try something new? If your current roomate will be in the working world while you are still in school, will it mess up your friendship because you're at different points in your lives?? I'm just trying to decide which to do, and I would like to see other's opinions about this topic. I've heard the good and bad from my friends and family, but they are all biased in some way....thanks! I'm already leaning one way, but I'll refrain from saying where I stand to keep you all unbiased as well!


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Nov 16, 2007
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If it were me, I would definitely stick with your buddy since it will be a lot easier on you considering a new city. It won't mess up your friendship because if you guys were cool back where you went to undergrad (or grad/PhD etc) then it should all work out great. What I'm saying is dschool isnt a walk in the park for everybody, and it would definitely help to have a support system you already had before.

If you decide to move in with a fellow dental student, it might help you academically, but that might be all you have in common. What happens if that person is a complete jerk? Pretty sure one of you has to suffer through it and eventually move out.

Besides, moving in with your buddy would sure be a lot easier for you both.
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