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Dec 26, 2005
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hey sdners

its that time of year when everyones making their summer plans. i want to plug my favorite organization. ive gone abroad twice already with them and am going this summer again too

the org is unite for sight

my screen name is mis-leading. im a med student. unite for sight is for premed or med or any other background. my first trip was when i was doing an mph

you help eye doctors every day who need help giving free eye surgery to people in poverty. its totally hands on. you do vision screenings and learn about medicine, you learn about international health and poverty, you learn about what local docs need to help their people, you see first hand all the health needs and how a 10 minute surgery can give someone their sight back, you watch surgeries and some programs even give you goat eyes so you can do eye surgery on a goat eye. now its not a goat. its like how they give eye residents pig eyes in american residency programs. you get a goat eye in some unite for sight programs but you get it as a premed and dont wait until residency to try your hand at surgery

ive met lots of unite for sighters and they all say that unite for sight is the best experience of their life. a big :thumbup:

some localities are shown as filled on the web site so youd better apply soon if you want to do it

here are must see links

http://uniteforsight.org/intl_volunteer/ go here to see the whole gammut of programs and application and all that stuff

these are video links from the unite for sight web site

Click here to listen to Ryan McAuley discuss his Unite For Sight experience in Chennai during Summer '05

At Unite for Sight's Third Annual International Health Conference at Yale University in April 2006, Unite For Sight partner ophthalmologists Dr. James Clarke (Accra, Ghana), Dr. T. Senthil (Chennai, India), and Dr. Seth Wanye (Tamale, Ghana) discussed eye care needs and Unite For Sight programs in their countries. Click here to view the 20-minute session and learn more about volunteering with Unite For Sight in Chennai.

Click here to view a film about the impact of Unite for Sight's programs in Ghana. This film was produced by a Unite For Sight volunteer.

Click here to watch a Unite For Sight patient in Ghana, who discusses his happiness about having his sight restored.
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