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Aug 2, 2002
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Hey guys, I seriously feel we need to ALL start ignoring these guys who come here to start trash talk. How about a unified front where we do not reply to any of them and you know which 2 I am referring to currently. Come on guys, if you ignore them for real they will go away. START RIGHT NOW!!!

We've got your back CV!!


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Feb 11, 2004
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Hi Principal Dr Mom and rdennisjr. Before you suspend pactodoc or make him stay after school, I want to say something. I know he hasnt allowed me and Macgyver play in his games, and is now isolating us two by making other kids in the playground hate us because he doesnt accept our ideology. I want to tell you I want to be like that Jesus figure in the Bible we learned from Mr. Johnson and forgive those condemn us, and I hope you can forgive them just like I'd like to forgive them. Thank you Principal Dr Mom and rdennisjr for listening to me.
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Apr 6, 2000
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sounds like a great idea to me.

if they don't get a response my guess is that they'll stop showing up.

probably even make them more upset! which will just be an added benefit.
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