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Dec 14, 2006
Having given some thought, I am soooo close to the year in which I hope to matriculate(2012), that to come this far, I would've regretted not going just a little further and settling into something that doesn't challenge me as much. If I can just get into one of these SMPs next year, where I just go to class, focus on my studies, and not having to mentally juggle around school and work like I've had to do for quite some time, I will do just fine, and I'll get into someone's medical school.

My chin is back up. For those of you who have had doubts, keep at it. :)


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Aug 7, 2005
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i quit my job as an over the road driver, took a much less paying job working nights and got a job working weekends at the hospital. my wife was an at home wife and now she works from home just as much as i do, and basically raises the kids because i am always gone. everytime i get discouraged i think about everything i have done and everything she has done and quiting now would make all that work go down the drain. i agree completely and it helps just look at it all when things get tough.
Nov 28, 2010
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i did quit once. i originally planned to go straight from undergrad and literally applied and withdrew my primary application because i didnt truly feel i could balance a family life AND medical school. i took 6 months and really thought about it and realized that truly, there is absolutely nothing else in the world id rather do. we WILL make it work!!! so here i am, back in the game:cool: i am going to work for a couple years, though, then apply to matriculate in 2013.

southpaw, thanks for the encouragement!!! i seriously wish you the very best of luck and know you will get in somewhere great!:luck::thumbup:


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Nov 23, 2010
Thank you for this.

I'll add, **** the haterz and to hell with the competition. Find your best and top it.