Dec 16, 2013
Well, almost...

I've been a massage therapist for 10 years. During that time I've also held full time jobs, one as an assistant manager and my current one as a regional manager. I also work at a medical school helping students practice patient interaction and patient care. So three jobs, in all. Started back to school a few years ago, graduating in a few semesters.

I'm a full time student. 3.43 cgpa.

B . Trig
B . Gen Chem 1
B- . Gen Chem 2
A . Calc 1
B . Bio 1
B . Bio 2
B+ . Phys 1 / A in lab (separate independent grade)
B+ . Phsy 2 / A in lab (" ")
C+ . Organ 1 / B in lab (" ") - I may retake, ACS final killed me @ 40% total final grade.

I don't feel like I'm competitive, but I don't know where I would fit in any extra EC's at this point in my schedule. I pay for everything in my life, no one helps me in that regard, so I can't compromise my income. I have and do shadow. I am the president of a club on campus, was previously a treasurer, and am organizing a pretty extensive food drive currently.

Overall I guess the question really is, does my age and my professional practice (self-managed business and regional manager position) really create a unique profile or do I need to spend a year after UG to beef this up with volunteer work, research, and a pretty MCAT score?

I know these types questions aren't unique here, but each of us is, so I'm interested in your knowledge and experience.


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Apr 8, 2009
You have a unique background but you still need to jump through all the normal med school hoops.


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May 15, 2011
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You need ample clinical experience (shadowing, volunteering) to show that you have some understanding of medicine.


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Dec 20, 2004
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There's a nontrad board on SDN that might be more useful to you than pre-allo. having an interesting past is helpful. But an interesting past generally has to be in addition to being competitive in the more traditional ways, not instead.