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Oct 5, 2002
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Hey all,
Finally wanna put a thread. I took the mcat in aug 2001 6,8,8,Q. Took it again this aug. and my new score is 11,10,11, Q. I owe it all to perseverance. First of all, i got a really bad score on the first one because i've been helping my mother who got sick as a janitress and I covered for her last summer. During weekends I was helping my dad at his job where he works to clean public buses. So, it was really hard to get that extra study time. Well for those URMs and disadvantaged students, I know how you are feeling and please stick it out. I did not have money to spend for prep-courses so I just bought prep-course books(i.e. Kaplan and aamc tests). No matter how things get bad, just remember about your goals. I am not applying this year, cause i don't have the money to pay for apps. Hopefully I only get to have one year of applying. :)


:clap: :clap: :clap:
good for u, what a tremendous comeback!
and thanks for sharing ur story, i dont have money for a prep course so this is encouraging!
well good luck applying!!!!!


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Jan 20, 2002
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You must feel on top of the world. Best of luck next year when you apply - I'm sure plenty of schools will be knocking on your door.
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