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Nov 4, 2000
sodom, south georgia
I'm SOOO FRUSTRATED right now. I've got a test thursday, the mcat saturday, and another test tuesday.

Now, on top of that, I'm sick! My throat is on fire, every 15 seconds I cough, and staying awake for more than 2 hours at a time results in a splitting headache.

Ok, so posting this won't do anything to make feel better (physically at least), but I needed to vent.

Anyone have any wonder cures?

Good Luck to everyon on saturday!

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Jan 23, 2004
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awww.........god I really feel for you! I remember feeling like that last year....the whole semester I was sick prior to MCAT. I end up getting 5 infections (ranging from sinusitis to bronchitis) within a matter of 6 months. Ugh just hang in there. I wish you the BEST of luck and hope you feel better very soon.
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